CAB Credit Card

Whether you are travelling abroad, buying goods in shops or online, or in need of emergency cash, CAB’s range of UnionPay credit cards allows you to enjoy life pleasures with convenience and peace of mind.
Product Overview
Global Acceptance accepted in 160 countries and regions worldwide.
TravelMate.Asia access exclusive benefits such as discounts at hotels, retail, dining and entertainment merchants located in key cities in Asia.
QuickPass payment with a simple Tap & Go without swiping or inserting card during a transaction and transactions are completed immediately.
Annual Fees
Principal CardSupplementary Card
Classic CardUSD 20USD 10
Gold CardUSD 40USD 20
Platinum CardUSD 180USD 100
Other Fees
Retail Purchase Interest1.75% per month
Cash Advance Interest2.00% per month
Cash Advance Fee2.00% of the amount
Subject to minimum of USD 5
Cash Advance Limit90% of Credit Limit
Currency Conversion Fee2% of the amount
Minimum Repayment Amount20% of Outstanding Balance
Interest-Free Grace Period15 days
Late Payment Charge5.00% of Minimum Repayment Amount
Card Replacement FeeUSD 10
Charge for Returned Check PaymentUSD 10
Charge for Rejected Autopay TransactionUSD 10
Requirements and Eligibility
  • 18 years old and up for principal Cardholder
  • 16 years old and up for supplementary Cardholder
  • National ID or Passport
  • Two (2) copies of recent 4X6 photograph
  • Deposit equivalent to 110% of the requested Credit Limit
  • For Foreign National, Visa with Validity of at least 6 months
How to Apply?
Visit one of our branches or you can chat with us to know more information.
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