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Telegraphic Transfer – SWIFT Network

The CAB Bank SWIFT code is CABCKHPP.
CAB Bank provide you a safe banking experience, convenient and cost-saving for your outward and inward remittances through our international network of Correspondent Banks.
Outward Remittance
You can send remittances directly to a bank account abroad in the following currencies through our network of correspondent banks: USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, CNY, KRW, SGD and THB.
Please provide us with the following information:
• Beneficiary / Receiver Account Number
• Beneficiary / Receiver Account Name
• Beneficiary / Receiver Bank SWIFT Code
• Beneficiary / Receiver Bank Name
• Beneficiary / Receiver Bank Branch
• Other bank codes, if applicable (some beneficiary / receiver banks may require you to indicate other codes such as routing number, sort code, BSB, etc.)
When paying for the outward remittance service, you can choose one of the following:
• SHA − you will pay only CAB bank’s fees; your beneficiary/receiver will pay the fees of our correspondent bank, any intermediary bank and the beneficiary/receiver bank
• OUR − you will pay CAB bank’s fees and the fees of our correspondent bank; your beneficiary/receiver will pay the fees of any intermediary bank and the beneficiary/receiver bank
SHA: • Transaction up to USD 7,000
• Above USD 7,000 up to USD 10,000
• Above USD 10,000
• USD 5 + USD 10 for cable
• USD 10 + USD 10 for cable
• 0.15% of the amount + USD 10 for cable
OUR: • Additional USD 30
Inward Remittance
You can receive funds from abroad directly into your CAB Bank Account via using our International Remittance Services-SWIFT.
For more information on international bank transfers, check the instruction below.
1. Beneficiary/Receiver Account Number (your CAB account number XXXXXXXXXX)
2. Beneficiary/Receiver Account Name (your CAB account name)
3. Our intermediary bank and CAB’s information as indicated in the following files which you can download:
   • For USD Inward Remittance (download) / (View)
   • For EUR Inward Remittance (download) / (View)
USD Inward Remittance Up to USD 10,000
Above USD 10,000
0.05% Min. USD 5 / Max. USD 200
EUR, GBP, CNY, THB, SGD, HKD, KRW Inward Remittance Free of Charge
How to Apply?
Visit one of our branches or you can chat with us to know more information.