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CAB Term Deposit

Protect and grow fund with CAB Term Deposit. Enjoy high returns with no risk on your principal and enjoy with flexible terms to suit your needs. The longer term, the higher interest you can earn.
Product Overview and Interest Rate
Currency KHR USD
Minimum Deposit 400,000 $100
Term- Interest Rate (p.a.)
     1 month 2.50% p.a. 2% p.a.
     3 month 4% p.a. 3.50% p.a.
     6 month 5% p.a. 4.50% p.a.
     12 month 6% p.a. 5.50% p.a.
     24 month 6.5% p.a. 6% p.a.
     36 month 7% p.a. 6.50% p.a.
Documentation-Certificate of Term Deposit Free
Replacement of Certificate 40,000 10
Account Opening Requirements
  • 16 years old and up
  • National ID or Passport
  • For Foreign National, Visa with Validity date
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Business License
  • Tax / Patent Certificate
  • Board Resolution
  • National ID or Passport
How to Apply?
Visit one of our branches or you can chat with us to know more information.