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Tuition Fee Deposit Account

"Tuition Fee Account " is the type of Flexi saving deposit that parents / guardians will deposit in the tuition fee account purpose to pay for their children's school fee at the maturity that is basically at the school payment date. Customer segments under this product are children /teenagers who study with any CAB partner school.

1. Account Feature

  1. Flexi Saving deposit
  2. Deposit funds any time and any amount
  3. No minimum balance required

2. Account Eligibility

  1. Individual Account
  2. Joint Account

3. To open Tuition Fee Account

  1. In order to open a tuition fee account, parents /guardians are required to have one CAB Saving Account as a source account.
  2. Tuition Fee Account will be opened under the name of source account.
  3. For new bank customers, a source account can be either a savings deposit account or instant account. This account will be required for transfer funds from the tuition fee account when closed.
  4. Tuition Fee account can be opened via CAB Mobile Application only.
  5. One Tuition fee account applicable for multiple children under one particular school.
  6. If a parent / Guardian, their children study in a different school then they need to open a different tuition fee account.

4. Access to Funds

  1. Account can be viewed via alternative banking channels enabled by the bank
  2. No passbook, ATM card, cheque book will be offered for this account
  3. No partial withdrawal is allowed
  4. Transfer In/Deposit: Any CAB account, own account, local transfer, Bakong transfer from wallet or account, from NCS or deposit over the counter direct to tuition fee account.
  5. Transfer Out/Withdrawal: Only to particular school account and to source account

5. Interest Rate: 5.20% p.a

6. Interest Payment Method

  1. Interest will be accrued daily and liquidated quarterly basis.
  2. This interest earned is subject to withholding tax defined by Cambodia Taxation.

7. Close Account/ withdrawal

  1. Withdrawal can be allowed only to transfer full funds to a source account meaning a request to close the tuition fee account.
  2. For an instant account holder (as source account) before request to transfer funds to source account, account holders are required to upgrade (Full KYC) their source account to regular saving account.
  3. No fee charge for closing an account.

8. Applicant (s) Declaration

  1. I /We warrant that all information given by me /us in this application and my other documents enclosed are truly accurate. With further requirement by the Bank for providing necessary personal or business information in any case that I/We refuse or delay, I /We agree with the Bank for suspending all or part of the services.
  2. Should the information that I/We provided be subject to any changes, I/We will notify the Bank.
  3. I/We agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of opening a deposit account as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions governing the opening and operation of the account.
  1. 9. CAB Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the tuition fee account contained herein including but not limited to interest rate, mode of interest payment, transfer, account close without giving any reasons. The new terms and conditions shall then be binding to the Depositor/s.
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