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Step Up 9 Plus+ Fixed Deposit

Step Up 9 Plus+ Fixed Deposit

"Step-up 9 Plus+" is a fixed deposit account that provides customers the highest interest rates.
“Step-up 9 Plus+” is purposely created for customers who are looking for a trusted bank to make a fixed deposit by offering the highest interest rate on a very short-term basis. Customers could also enjoy extra privileges provided by Cambodia Asia Bank.
To celebrate Cambodia Asia Bank 30th Anniversary, we offer an extra interest rate of 1.25% in addition to our previous interest rate. With this special offer, the interest rate for “Step-up 9 Plus+” increases up to 11.15 % per annum. 
“Step-up 9 Plus+”, one step closer to achieve your dream!

Interest rate for Step-Up 9 Plus in 9 months

Period Basic Interest Rate (p.a) Extra Bonus Interest Rate (p.a) Step Up 9 Plus+ Season 2 Interest Rate (p.a)
1st - 2nd months 2.60% 1.25% 3.85%
3rd - 4th months 3.70% 1.25% 4.95%
5th - 8th months 5.10% 1.25% 6.35%
9th months 9.90% 1.25% 11.15%

     1. High interest rate up to 11.15% p.a for 9 months term deposit period in this season2.
     2. Credit line limit up to 90% of total fixed deposit amount under “Step-up 9 Plus+” with the interest rate of 8.00% p.a
     3. Free annual fee for the first year for Visa Debit Card
     4. Free one cheque book
     5. Free Payroll facility for the company while “Step-up 9 Plus+” account in active
     6. Free of charge for Inward remittance up to 3 times while “Step-up 9 Plus+” account in active
     7. Waive cable fee charge for outward remittance up to 3 times while “Step-up 9 Plus+” account in active
     8. No fee charge on pre-termination
     9. Chance to win lucky draw: CAB’s Bank will prepare an automatic lucky draw for all active “Step-up 9 Plus+” account holders

Lucky Draw Program – 3 times
     1. The 1st drawing will be on from 1st to 7th August 2023
     2. The 2nd drawing will be on from 1st to 7th November 2023
     3. The 3rd drawing will be on from 1st to 7th February 2024
Remark: For further information about the specific prize and the winner of the lucky draw will be announced on CAB’s Bank official Facebook Page please keep following and check it out. The terms and conditions of Lucky Draw apply.

     1. Visit any CAB’s Bank branches nearest to you or contact us via the below channel.
     2. Required to have any type account with CAB’s Bank (to be paid out/source account)
     3. Complete our application form

Step-Up 9 Plus+ Terms and Conditions
 1. Step-Up 9 Plus+ Product Feature
     - Step-Up 9 Plus+ is a 9-month fixed deposit
     - Minimum deposit amount is USD 1,000 and Maximum deposit amount is USD 500,000 per certificate
     - Multiple Accounts opening is allowed
 2. Account Eligibility
     - Individual Account
     - Joint Account
     - Corporate Account
 3. Account Ownership
     - Step-Up 9 Plus+ Fixed Deposit Account will be opened under the name of the source account.
     - For new bank customers, a source account which can either be savings or current deposit account will be required for the crediting of monthly interest and principal payout.
 4. Access to Funds
     - Account can be viewed via alternative banking channels enabled by the bank
     - No passbook, ATM card, cheque book will be offered for this account
     - No partial withdrawal is allowed
 5. Interest Payment Method
     - Interest will be paid monthly to the designated source and payout account.
     - Interest will be paid at the end of the month based on the account opening date.
     - 6% withholding tax for residents and 14% for non-residents will be shouldered by the account holder and will be deducted from the monthly interest payment. Net interest after tax will be credited to the designated source pay-out account.
6. Pre termination
     - In the case of pre-maturity withdrawal, the account is not entitled to earn interest on the month when the withdrawal was made.
     - No pre-termination charges
     - There is no minimum holding period.
 7. The customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of opening a deposit account as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions governing the opening and operation of the account.
 8. CAB Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions contained herein and shall notify the Depositor/s of such changes. The new terms and conditions shall then be binding to the Depositor/s.

Terms & Conditions for Step-up 9 Plus+ Lucky Draw
  1. Step-up 9 Plus+ Lucky Draw is valid for all active Step-Up 9 Plus+ Accounts between the period of 01st May 2023 and 31st January 2024.
  2. Step-up 9 Plus+ Lucky Draw will be held three times on Cambodia Asia Bank Official Facebook Page, following the schedule below:
    • 1st Time: 7th August, 2023
    • 2nd Time: 7th November, 2023
    • 3rd Time: 7th February, 2024
  3. The prize winner will be randomly and automatically selected by our Digital Lucky Draw System automatically to ensure the transparency and fairness of the selection process.
  4. The prize winner announcement will be posted on Cambodia Asia Bank Official Facebook Page. The prize winners will be contacted by our staff(s) through any possible communication method including phone calls or e-mail. In case the prize winner can’t be contacted or is irresponsive within 5 working days from the prize winner announcement date, the prize will be canceled.
  5. Step-up 9 Plus+ Account shall be active until the prize is successfully claimed by the account holder. If not, the prize shall be canceled.
  6. Each account holder shall win 01 (one) prize only each time of Step-up 9 Plus+ Lucky Draw.
  7. The prize winner(s) are not allowed to convert the prize into cash.
  8. Cambodia Asia Bank’s staff(s) shall not be eligible for Lucky Draw prize-winning.
  9. The prize shall be claimed within 30 working days without any delay, upon the prize winner’s announcement date on our Official Facebook Page. If not, the prize shall not be claimed.
  10. Cambodia Asia Bank reserves the right to terminate this campaign, delete, change, or add on any terms and conditions, if necessary, without prior notice.
  11. Cambodia Asia Bank reserves the right to cancel the prize if any of these terms and conditions are not met.
  12. Cambodia Asia Bank reserves the right to change prizes and schedule a lucky draw.
How to Apply?
Visit one of our branches or you can chat with us to know more information.