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Savings Account Plus

Savings Account Plus

"Savings Account Plus" is a type of savings account in USD and KHR currency, which is thoughtfully designed to offer high-interest rates for our newly and existing customers where interest rate will be given based on the customer's daily outstanding balance. Our CAB’s Saving Account Plus provides customers with many flexible choices of deposit and customers can enjoy many various facilities and benefits offered while using this account.

     ⦁ Bring​ the​ original​ and​ valid​ National​ ID​ or​ Passport
     ⦁ Complete our Application Form
     ⦁ Visit any CAB’s Bank Branches
Account Eligibility  
     ⦁ Individual and Corporate Account (Residents only)
     ⦁ Newly and existing CAB’s Saving Account holder
     ⦁ Opening account with zero opening balance and zero on going balance
     ⦁ High-interest rate than normal saving account
     ⦁ Free Inward remittance one time per month
     ⦁ Waive cable charge for Outward remittance one time per month
     ⦁ Additional offer an interest rate of 0.50% for Fixed Deposit Account opening from deposit amount of USD 10,000 and minimum 3 months term.
     ⦁ Free access to any CAB’s Bank Branches, Digital and ATM Channel
     ⦁ Unlimited deposit and withdrawal through many channel
     ⦁ A secure place to keep your deposit with higher interest rate

Interest Rate (p.a.) in USD

Daily Balance Interest Rate
≤USD 1000 0.50%
≤USD 5,000 1.00%
≤USD 50,000 1.50%
>USD 50,000 2.00%


Interest Rate (p.a.) in KHR

Daily Balance Interest Rate
≤KHR 20,000,000 1.00%
≤KHR 100,000,000 1.50%
>KHR 100,000,000 2.00%


Interest Payment Method
     ⦁ Interest will be accrued daily and paid monthly
     ⦁ Interest will be paid at the end of the month based on the account opening date
     ⦁ Applicable 4% withholding tax for residents and 14% for non-residents will be shouldered by the account holder and will be deducted from the monthly interest payment. Net interest after tax will be credited to the designated source account.

Account Closure
     ⦁ Account service fee USD 5 will be charged upon account closing.
     ⦁ Closed Account at any CAB’s Bank branches
How to apply
Please visit our nearest Cambodia Asia Bank’s branch office, or contact us via Mobile: 023 980 000 ,
  *Terms and Conditions applied 

How to Apply?
Visit one of our branches or you can chat with us to know more information.